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Use the Directory to find members alphabetically by name or use the box below to search for a member directly. There are 88 MITEP members.

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user iconErika VyeProject ResearcherMTU
user iconDawn WagnerProject ParticipantJackson Public schools
user iconMurray WardellProject ParticipantJackson Public Schools
user iconJill WeatherwaxProject ParticipantJackson Public Schools
user iconLouise WilsonProject ParticipantGrand Rapids Public Schools
user iconCraig WinklerProject Participant, Project Guest, Supporting PartnerGrand Rapids Public Schools
user iconClaudia WittKalamazoo Public Schools
user iconLori WittingLogistics CoordinatorMichigan Tech
user iconChristopher WojickCo-PI, Project CoordinatorMichigan Technological University
user iconJames WrightProject ParticipantKalamazoo Public Schools
user iconJulie YoungKalamazoo Public Schools
user iconDean YoungrenProject ResearcherJackson Public Schools