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Catherine Skokan



  • Higher Ed: Engineering, Evaluator 


Catherine K. Skokan received her Ph.D. in Geophysical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. She is presently an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. Her research interests include engineering applications of geophysics, humanitarian engineering, curriculum development, and K-12 outreach. 


Dr. Skokan is actively involved in K12 outreach in using engineering examples as a vehicle to interest students in mathematics and science. She presently is PI or Co-Pi on eight grants that involve curriculum development and assessment for the K12 community and for community colleges. As well, she is responsible for supervision of graduate students in the K12 classroom. Her engineering interests involve use of electrical methods to map groundwater. She is especially interested in using engineering skills to aid the underserved in a program entitled Humanitarian Engineering. Her technical specialties include electromagnetic field studies in the earth and digital data processing. 


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