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William Rose



  • Higher Ed: Science 


9/79-present: Professor of Petrology, Michigan Technological University, Houghton.
12/99-6/01: Director Michigan Technological University Remote Sensing Institute.
6/90- 6/ 98 Department Chair, (planned new building; hired 8 new faculty); 9/74-9/79: Associate Professor of Petrology, 9/70-9/74; Assistant Professor of Petrology.
1/99-12/99: Visiting Leverhulme Fellow, Dept of Earth Sciences, University Of Bristol, UK.
8/85-6/86: Visiting Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory.
1/81-present: Geochemist (W.A.E. basis), USGS, Cascade Volcano Observatory , Vancouver, WA; Alaska Volcano Observatory, Anchorage; VDAP.
8/77-8/78: Senior Visiting Scientist, Upper Atmosphere Group, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO.
8/77-8/78: Visiting Scientist, Branch of Isotope Geology, USGS , Denver, CO. 


Volcanology, Natural Hazards, Volcano-Atmosphere Interactions 


Rose, W. I., D. J. Delene, D. J. Schneider, G. J. S. Bluth, A. J. Krueger, I. Sprod, C. McKee, H. L. Davies and G. G. J. Ernst, 1995, Ice in the 1994 Rabaul eruption cloud: implications for volcano hazard and atmospheric effects, Nature, 375: 477-479.
W. I. Rose, J J Bommer, D L Lopez, M J Carr and J J Major (eds), 2004, Volcanic Hazards in El Salvador, GSA Special Paper 375, 478pp.
Rose WI and GJS Bluth, 2005, Geohazards Graduate Study with the US Peace Corps, EOS Trans AGU 86: 311-312.
Rose, W I, and J Stix, 2006, Experimental Multi-University Graduate Class in Volcanology, EOS Trans Amer Geophys Un 87: no 19.
Rose W I, G A Millard, T A Mather, D E Hunton, B Anderson, C Oppenheimer, B F Thornton, T M Gerlach, A A Viggiano, Y Kondo, T M Miller and J O Ballenthin, 2006, The atmospheric chemistry of a 33-34 hour old volcanic cloud from Hekla Volcano (Iceland): insights from direct sampling and the application of chemical box modeling, J Geophys Res Atmospheres, 111, D 20206, doi 101029/2005JD006872.