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10/20/11Using the National Parks as Way to Engage Diverse Learners in Earth Science EducationPresentations
10/20/11Using the National Parks as a Way to Engage Students in Urban SchoolsPresentations
10/20/11Using EarthCache to Promote Placed Based Education in Public SchoolsPresentations
10/20/11Teaching Teachers about the Earth - MiTEP's Summer Class DesignPresentations
10/20/11Taking Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Beyond its Borders: Using Technology to Bring Place to the ClassroomPresentations
10/20/11A Sense of Place at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore - Improving Teachers' Earth Science Literacy = Improving Students' Earth Science LiteracyPresentations
09/20/11MiTEP Teacher Visits the White HousePresentations
11/02/11MiTEP Teachers Present Posters at GSAPresentations
01/09/09MiTEP Leadership TeamPapers and Reports
05/05/09Michigan Tech To Train GRPS Science Instructors In New Teaching ModelIn The Press
05/05/09Michigan Tech Teaching Excellence Program Receives NSF Grant to Build Earth Science Teaching ModelIn The Press
10/10/11Making Science Excellent From the StartIn The Press
10/20/11Keweenaw Boulder Garden Revitalized Kame Terrace On Campus, Used as a Teaching LaboratoryPresentations
10/20/11Implementing Long-Term Professional Develop for Urban Earth Science Teachers, Insights from the Michigan Institute For Teacher Excellence ProgramPresentations
05/05/09Grand Rapids teachers to work with top volcano expert this summer as part of Michigan Tech partnershipIn The Press
05/05/09Grand Rapids Public Schools, Michigan Tech Announce CollaborationIn The Press
10/20/11Geologic Exposures of Isle Royale National Park for the Geologist and the PublicPresentations
10/20/11For Place-Based Earth Science Learning Opportunities, There's No 'Place' Like HomePresentations
10/20/11Earth Science Interpretation Efforts as a Geological Intern at Isle Royale National ParkPresentations
03/14/11Earth Science Institute (ESI-2)Presentations
03/14/11Earth Science Institute (ESI-1)Presentations
10/20/11Discussion of a Keweenaw GeoparkPresentations
10/20/11Developing Interpretive Materials for Isle Royale National Park - Bringing Geology to the Urban ClassroomPresentations
10/20/11Awakening the Sleeping Bear! Bringing to Life the Geology, Historical and Cultural Life of Sleeping Bear Dunes to Students and Teachers EverywherePresentations