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11/16/11November 16, Cohort 3 Pedagogy Day Agenda
11/16/11October 31, 2011 Biweekly Meeting Minutes
10/17/11Student Questions and Misconceptions
5/14/11MiTEP List of Common Geoscience MisconceptionsCollection of Resources
4/19/11AAAS Project 2061 Science Assessment WebsiteCollection of Resources
4/11/11March 28, 2011 Meeting minutes
4/06/11FAQ for Scientists on Call
4/05/11MiTEP Meeting Minutes March 14, 2011
4/05/11AFCEA Scholarships for Teaching STEM
2/21/11February 7, Bi Weekly Meeting Minutes
12/15/10November 29, 2010 Meeting minutes
12/06/10November 15, 2010 Meeting Minutes
10/14/10October 4, 2010 Meeting Minutes
5/18/10April 26, Meeting Minutes
7/31/09Free (or Low-Cost) Resources for Earth Science Education
2/17/09Free K-12 Lesson PlansCollection of Resources
2/17/09Earth Science World Image BankCollection of Resources
2/17/09Status of the Geoscience Workforce: K-12 through Community College
1/30/09Satellite Observations in Science Education (SOSE)
1/29/09Earth Science Literacy Initiative (ESLI)
1/10/09National Park Service Teacher Ranger Teacher Program
1/10/09Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association
1/10/09National Association of Geoscience Teachers
1/06/09Teachers' Domain
1/06/09DLESE: Digital Library for Earth System Education
1/04/09Science DailyCollection of Resources
1/04/09The New York Times Science News
1/04/09Extreme Science
1/04/09howstuffworksCollection of Resources
1/04/09Earth Science By Design
1/04/09American Geophysical Union
1/04/09Geological Society of America
1/04/09American Geological Institute Education pages
1/04/09U.S. Geological Survey
1/04/09U.S. NASA Science, Science Mission DirectorateCollection of Resources
1/04/09NOAA: National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration
1/04/09Resources for Earth Sciences and Geography Instruction
1/04/09The Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College