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As a visitor to this project's site, you will be able to view resources which the project has elected to share with the public. You may also browse hundreds resources in the MSPnet Hub Resource Center, which serves all the MSP projects.

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There are 38 Resources.

11/16/11November 16, Cohort 3 Pedagogy Day Agenda
11/16/11October 31, 2011 Biweekly Meeting Minutes
10/17/11Student Questions and Misconceptions
5/14/11MiTEP List of Common Geoscience MisconceptionsCollection of Resources
4/19/11AAAS Project 2061 Science Assessment WebsiteCollection of Resources
4/11/11March 28, 2011 Meeting minutes
4/06/11FAQ for Scientists on Call
4/05/11MiTEP Meeting Minutes March 14, 2011
4/05/11AFCEA Scholarships for Teaching STEM
2/21/11February 7, Bi Weekly Meeting Minutes
12/15/10November 29, 2010 Meeting minutes
12/06/10November 15, 2010 Meeting Minutes
10/14/10October 4, 2010 Meeting Minutes
5/18/10April 26, Meeting Minutes
7/31/09Free (or Low-Cost) Resources for Earth Science Education
2/17/09Free K-12 Lesson PlansCollection of Resources
2/17/09Earth Science World Image BankCollection of Resources
2/17/09Status of the Geoscience Workforce: K-12 through Community College
1/30/09Satellite Observations in Science Education (SOSE)
1/29/09Earth Science Literacy Initiative (ESLI)
1/10/09National Park Service Teacher Ranger Teacher Program
1/10/09Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association
1/10/09National Association of Geoscience Teachers
1/06/09Teachers' Domain
1/06/09DLESE: Digital Library for Earth System Education
1/04/09Science DailyCollection of Resources
1/04/09The New York Times Science News
1/04/09Extreme Science
1/04/09howstuffworksCollection of Resources
1/04/09Earth Science By Design
1/04/09American Geophysical Union
1/04/09Geological Society of America
1/04/09American Geological Institute Education pages
1/04/09U.S. Geological Survey
1/04/09U.S. NASA Science, Science Mission DirectorateCollection of Resources
1/04/09NOAA: National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration
1/04/09Resources for Earth Sciences and Geography Instruction
1/04/09The Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College