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Michigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP): A Model for Improving Earth Science Education Nationwide

image for project Michigan Teacher Excellence Program (MITEP) Michigan Teaching Excellence Program (MITEP) is a multi-year program of teacher leadership development that empowers middle-grade science teachers to lead their schools and districts through the process of systematically improving science teaching and learning. The project uses Earth Systems Science(ESS)content and inquiry-based instructional practices to emphasize themes that unite all sciences and mathematics. MITEP includes both summer and academic-year components, and uses a variety of on-site, residential, field, distance, and in-service delivery methods. Components promote leadership skills, collaboration, urban place-based inquiry, access to cutting-edge data and materials, technology, engagement of diverse learners, study of key scientific concepts that cross disciplinary boundaries, pedagogical innovation. The project will also implement and test lessons and units that challenge students and prepare them for further science study. Teachers receive stipends and credit as incentive for participating in the project and testing its approach to reform.

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Michigan Tech and MiTEP: Teacher Development

Michigan Tech is teaming up with k-12 teachers from the Grand Rapids area to increase earth science literacy for Michigan students at all levels.

Michigan Tech and MiTEP: Place Based Learning

Hear more about why "where" students learn something can be just as important as what they learn. Follow a group of Grand Rapids area middle school students as they explore…

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Perspectives on Deepening Teachers' Science Content Knowledge: The Case of the Michigan Teaching Excellence Program

"The Michigan Teaching Excellence Program (MiTEP) is a partnership between Michigan Technological University, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids Area Pre-College Engineering Program, and the Grand Rapids Public School District,…

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