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Earth Science Institute (ESI-2)


This class is to introduce Earth Science content to science teachers, with help at presenting this material in inquiry form to students. It is aimed to emphasize the development of the participants problem-solving skills and will employ inquiry based techniques. An important part of the class will use tools that research scientists use and to teach participants to do scientific research. The style of the class is observational, geographical, descriptive, analytical and interpretive. It is aimed to repeatedly apply a sequence of logical questions that can be tested, so that hypotheses can be rejected or refined.

Overall the subject matter is how the earth works. We aim to engage participants in understanding, interpreting, applying, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating their own observations in the same way as scientists do. Since all of us live on the earth, the topics are fundamentally linked to a sustainable world, and education of earth people about earth processes is an essential scientific obligation.